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Unlock savings with an affordable monthly subscription using our partner Score Up

Are you looking to take control of your financial future and improve your credit score without breaking the bank? Traditional credit repair companies can be prohibitively expensive, costing you thousands of dollars, all while leaving you in the dark about their dispute processes. Even ‘Free Credit Score’ providers offer limited insights into your credit health, lacking the precision needed to identify areas for improvement.

Enter our ‘Score Up’ service, designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools necessary to take charge of your credit journey. Here’s how ‘Score Up’ can make a difference:

Wardle Consultancy Services

Affordable and Transparent Credit Enhancement

Enhance your credit Score with ‘Score Up’ and save thousands compared to conventional credit repair services. We’re committed to full transparency – you’ll always know precisely what you’re paying for, with no additional charges for individual matters or fees for default removal. Even if your debt is forgiven or written off, you won’t be required to share a portion of it, as some other companies do with concealed fine print. This ensures a transparent, surprise-free experience. Our service empowers you to efficiently manage your disputes, and you can track each step of the process.

Wardle Consultancy Services

Empowerment through Knowledge

Our ‘Score Up’ service equips you with the knowledge and resources needed to dispute your bills and credit report score directly with the relevant providers. We operate within the framework of the legislation governing Australia, ensuring a legal and effective approach to resolving credit issues.

Wardle Consultancy Services

Fast & Efficient Dispute Resolution

Speed and efficiency are at the core of our service. You can quickly and easily lodge multiple disputes with both service providers and credit bureaus simultaneously. This saves you time and accelerates the credit repair process, enabling you to see results sooner.

Wardle Consultancy Services

Precise Identification of Improvement Areas

Unlike ‘Free Credit Score’ providers, we provide a comprehensive analysis of your credit profile, pinpointing specific areas that need attention. With this granular level of insight, you can focus your efforts on improving the aspects of your credit that matter most.

The ‘Score Up’ service is fast, accessible, and empowers you to improve your credit health effectively. We believe in affordability, transparency, and equipping you with the knowledge to navigate the Australian credit landscape confidently.

Our Other Services


  • Strategic & Operational Planning
  • Comprehensive Credit Reporting Forum
  • IT Services – Unique Value Proposition
  • Complaint Management
  • Facilitating
  • Coaching
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Wardle Consultancy Services


  • Dedicated Score-Up Knowledge Hub
  • Consumer Engagement Solutions
  • Expert Complaint Resolution Advice
  • Peer-To-Peer Support Network
  • Peer-To-Peer Referral System
  • Broker-Based Scoring Referrals
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Wardle Consultancy Services


  • Create A Credit Score Target Based On Your Financial Plans & Credit History Using Score-Up
  • Dispute Incorrect Credit Report
  • Dispute Incorrect Bills
  • Request Compensation
  • Request Debt Waiver
  • All Finance Options Available with our Vast Range of Lenders
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Wardle Consultancy Services

Hear It From Others

As I reflect on the impact that you have had on our lives, I am filled with overwhelming gratitude. Your work has gone far beyond simply improving a number on a credit report – you have helped us build a foundation for a brighter, more secure future.

I want to extend my most heartfelt thank you to Chinelle Wardle and the entire Score Up team. Your unwavering support, expertise, and genuine care have made an immeasurable difference in our lives, and we will be forever grateful for everything you have done for us. With deepest appreciation and warm regards,


Thank you to everyone for their efforts over the past few months in assisting with my credit. Today was a great outcome and I really appreciate it. Your hard work does not go unnoticed.

Thanks again


Thank you for all your help. It was great working with the team at score up. They delivered what they promised. Definitely recommend them. As they get results.



Score up have been absolutely amazing to deal with! I was referred by a loan broker due to issues with my credit file and they went above and beyond for me, getting me to where I needed to be! Even when things got a little tricky, they did not give up. It is an affordable service, saving consumers thousands on credit repair. Everyone was so kind and welcoming that I spoke to from the team. Absolutely 5 star service! Thank you so much again score up, I couldn’t be happier with my results! 100% recommend.


I just want to sincerely thank all the team from score up from Chinelle, Sanja, and Rhen and everyone involved in helping me to repair my credit report and eventually getting me a loan suitable for me to get back on track God bless to all involved and I highly recommend anyone who is in need of help to contact Score Up they are amazing and very professional in helping people thanks once again from bottom of my heart to the team.

Nick P

I just wanted to send a quick email in regard to the amazing service that all the staff has provided to me from the beginning.

At first I was honestly nervous about using the service but from the first time I spoke with Chenille I felt like I was being heard and respected.

All of the team has provided with constant updates which may be feel at ease and know that they are doing everything to help me.

Its been a long time since I have felt supported in this way ,
The team has had fantastic results in such a short amount of time. I know this is a service I have paid for but it has been worth every cent and more.

Great dealing with all of you. Kind Regards,

Elizabeth S

What a positive impact Score Up has had on my life, customer service was excellent always communicating with phone calls to emails just to inform me on the process and also what they have been achieving. If you have debts or just looking for help in achieving your goals I would contact Score Up ASAP . Much appreciate what you have done for me.


Thank you so much for the excellent work you have done repairing my credit rating.

You have completely helped me get my finances back on track after a very long time and I couldn’t be more grateful.
Your genuine care and concern for my individual situation was evident from our first conversation and I watched in awe as you worked your magic.

I could not recommend your services more highly.

Thank you again! Warm Regards,


I am so glad I have found a business that is non judgemental and is willing to go above and beyond to help their clients achieve financial freedom and help consolidate all our loans into a more manageable product.

The vast array of lenders they have on their portfolio is astounding which will help in any financial situation. The process was well communicated with kindness and empathy and utmost professionalism. I am so grateful to have started my lifelong journey with my finances with this business and highly recommend anyone to contact Chinelle and her team to help them with any of their financial goals.


Kristy C

Thank you so much to the team at ScoreUp who were able to repair my credit information. Not only do I now have financial freedom but my financial situation has also improved as a result of the work the team has done with settling my debt.

Thank you so much ScoreUp this is the first time in my entire adult life that I am free of financial burden.

Joseph N

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