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About Us

We empower consumers and their representatives with the knowledge & tools needed to have a voice and be heard……

We have over 20 years of consumer and commercial financial experience dealing with Internal and External Dispute resolutions within Australia and internationally and over 15 years’ experience in compliance framework implementation, financial compliance and legislative experience.
We have made it our mission to empower brokers, consumers and their representatives with the expertise and technological tools to overcome all roadblocks and make their financial goals a reality

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Complaint Management

Better Credit Score

Why Us?

People are finding it extremely difficult to communicate their issues with service providers and banks.

Whilst applying for credit or a loan many people are in the dark about their credit scores. Consumers will generally experience a declined loan application or issues with credit applications and have no idea why. The reason usually is because a consumer’s Credit Report Profile has a potential issue that has impacted its score negatively. Through the years, the customer experience for customers has unfortunately declined and people are finding it more difficult to communicate their issues and needs with service providers and banks. We provide the best possible outcome for our clients who experience declined loan applications or negative credit scoring resulting in higher interest rates.

Communicate your issues with service providers and banks.

Best possible outcome for clients who experience declined loan applications or negative credit score resulting in high interest rates.

Empower representatives and consumers with the right tools.

With the right set of tools, solve the poor credit score that you currently have due to incorrect information held about you.

Get the highest credit rating you deserve.

With complete transparency, visibility and guidance, you will have the power to stand up for yourself.


Years Of Experience

In Consumer and Commercial
Financial Cases


Years Of Experience

Dealing with Internal and
External Dispute resolutions


Years Of Experience

In Compliance Framework Implementation


Years Of Experience

In Financial Compliance and
Legislative Proceedings

Our Services

We pride ourselves on providing an efficient and professional service to all our clients. Please choose a service that best suits your needs.

Wardle Consultancy Services Pty Ltd have been approved with an Australian Credit License to continue to operate (ACL 531768). WCS are also members of AFCA as per ASIC’s requirements, AFCA member #83401.

  • Strategic & Operational Planning
  • Comprehensive Credit Reporting Forum
  • IT Services – Unique Value Proposition
  • Complaint Management
  • Facilitating
  • Coaching


  • Dedicated Score-Up Knowledge Hub
  • Consumer Engagement
  • Complaint Resolution Advice
  • Peer To Peer Support
  • Peer To Peer Referrals
  • Broker Based Scoring Referrals


  • Create a Credit Score Target based on your Financial Plans & Credit History using Score-Up
  • Dispute Incorrect Credit Report
  • Dispute Incorrect Bills
  • Request Compensation
  • Request Debt Waiver


Business adviser analyzing financial figures denoting the progress in the work of the company

Business Consultancy

Reduce Time And Generate Better Outcomes For Your Staff And Customers.

We can assist your business by offering one on one training programs to help you create more efficient “Complaint Management” processes. With our guidance, we can help turn your internal and external dispute resolution department into an efficient, well structured and compliant team, therefore helping to reduce costs for your business.

  • Expert guidance based on your business needs & client base
  • Assistance in setting up a Partnership or Referral program suited to your business needs
  • Dedicated knowledge hub and individual support


Give your clients the best
credit boosting solution

Become a ‘Score Up’ partner today and save your client thousands of dollars by helping them dispute inaccurate data on their credit reports to increase their credit score and have more financial product options available, without having to refer them to credit providers, credit bureaus or credit repair companies.

  • Based on past & proven results, 95% of clients have been able to achieve a higher credit score within 30-45 days.
  • Regularly track your clients’ needs to help them with their financial products (through Credit monitoring & alerts) whilst lodging multiple disputes (on behalf of your client) at the same time with providers and credit bureaus.
  • Get access to a dedicated knowledge hub with the legislation governing Australia with full transparency and support to assist you.




Save thousands with a low-cost monthly subscription.

Take control of your disputes to improve your credit score. Traditional credit repair companies can cost you thousands of dollars and only give you limited visibility as to what they are doing to help dispute your score. Even ‘Free Credit Score’ providers only provide you with limited information about your credit score and cannot correctly identify the exact areas where you can improve.

  • Using our ‘Score Up’ service will empower you with the knowledge to dispute your bills or credit report score directly with the providers in question using the legislation governing Australia.
  • It’s fast, easy and you can lodge multiple disputes at the same time with providers and credit bureaus.

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